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Bobbie Pyron Bobbie Pyron
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Bobbie Pyron
Bobbie Pyron
Bobbie Pyron
Bobbie Pyron
Piper (AKA Princess Crazypants)
Where do you get your ideas?
Inspiration is all around us! I often get a story idea by something I've read or seen on TV. I also get ideas from people I meet or read about. Every person out there is a walking, talking story.

Did you ever lose a dog like Abby did in A DOG'S WAY HOME?
No, I'm very happy to say I've never lost one of my dogs for more than a few minutes. If I did, though, like Abby, I'd never give up trying to find him.

Will you write a sequel to A DOG'S WAY HOME, THE DOGS OF WINTER, or LUCKY STRIKE?
Although it's up to my publisher whether or not a book gets a sequel, I have so many stories in my head that want to be written, I'm not sure I have time to write sequels!

Are you rich?
I am rich in ideas and dog hair.

Do you have pets?
I have a sweet collie mix named Barney. I also have a Scottish Collie puppy named Piper, also known as Princess Crazypants.

How old are you?
Old enough to know better.

What's your favorite color?

Name three of your favorite things.
Dogs, books, and nature.

Who's your favorite author?
Kate DiCamillo.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I love to be outdoors hiking, skiing, and camping with my dogs and my husband. And of course, I also love to read!