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Cover art by Kirbi Fagan

Exciting news!

My new novel, Octopus Moon, comes out next March! I know, I know—it’s been a long time since I had a book come out. Hopefully, you’ll feel this one is worth the wait.

Octopus Moon is a novel in verse about a young girl’s struggles with depression and anxiety, and her path to healing.

Ten-year-old Pearl has always been sensitive and, as her parents say, “moody.” And she worries about everything! Still, she’s always been able to keep the darkness at bay by running, being with her friends, and skateboarding with her best friend, Rosie. That is until the start of fifth grade. With all the changes coming up, she can’t seem to outrun her depression and anxiety. Like a riptide, her illness pulls her far away from all the things good and light in her life. Will Pearl be able to find her way back to solid ground?

Stay tuned for more news about Octopus Moon!