How It Works

How will the book auction work?

The auction will begin on June 3rd and end at midnight on June 17thEach day, I’ll post a new group of books, generously donated by these amazing authors, that you can bid on.  The last group of books will be posted on June 14th. On June 15th, I’ll post a wrap up of the highest bids on each book. Bidding will close at midnight, June 16th.

How do I bid on a book?

When you bid on a book, you’ll email your bid to  A link to this is posted at the bottom of each day’s pack of books.  When you email your bid, be sure to include the title of the book you’re bidding on in the subject line of the email! In the body of the email please state the amount of your bid. You can bid on as many books as often as you like! I’ll be posting frequent updates on what the highest bids are on each book.

What if I win a signed book?

After bidding closes at midnight on the 16th of June, I’ll notify the winning bidders by email letting you know what book (or books) you won and details on how to pay. Payment will be accepted either by PayPal or check. Once payment is received, your wonderful new book signed by the author will be mailed out to you!

All monies raised by the auction will be donated directly to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Sanctuary fund to help make this little girl’s dream come true!